Beware Of These 12 Grocery Store Tricks If You’re On A Keto Diet!


Ever wondered why big grocery stores never have clocks? Or windows? Or why the basic staples, like milk and eggs, are stashed so far back that you have to walk through the candy or the soda or the ice-cream aisles in order to get to them?

 Like casinos, grocery stores also use mind-control to keep shoppers spending more money. And the dice is always loaded in favor of the house. 

Smart grocery shopping has become an art these days that involves knowing the psychological tactics that big grocery stores use  – and when you’re on a Keto diet, it is especially important because one of the biggest lifestyle changes you make is how you fill your shopping cart.

Here are 12 tips from Evolve180 Weight Loss to help you stay alert when you’re shopping for groceries and achieve Keto success by not bringing unnecessary temptations home:


Keto Grocery Shopping Tip # 1: Enter The Store From The Middle Or The Back


The fresh produce section is displayed in the front of the grocery store, right near the main entryway, for a reason. The sight of fresh, brightly colored fruits and vegetables increases the production of feel-good hormones in our brains that makes everything else look more tempting. To avoid this deliberate tease, enter the store through a doorway that does not bring you face-to-face with the produce section right away. Save it for the last because yes, as a Keto dieter you’ll definitely be shopping there.


Keto Grocery Shopping Tip # 2: Don’t Get Hypnotized By The In-Store Music


Some high-end grocery stores intentionally play music at a slower beat, because the languid rhythm lulls the body to move slowly – and buy 29% more stuff than you meant to! Listen to upbeat, high-energy music on your phone while you shop. That way, you won’t get affected by the subliminal call of the store’s ambient sound.


 Keto Grocery Shopping Tip # 3: Know That You Probably Remember The Price Of Only 4 Items


Milk, bread, bananas and eggs. 95% of shoppers do not remember the baseline price of other grocery staples they buy, and therefore have no clue if they’re getting a good deal.

Keto Grocery Shopping Tip # 4: Shop With Cash


When we use an abstract form of payment like credit or debit cards, we don’t fully evaluate what we are buying. A lot of Keto treats with hidden carbs and sugars sneak into our shopping carts as a result. Shop with cash only, and you’ll soon notice that your impulse purchases at the grocery store have reduced because you’re counting out dollar bills to pay at the check-out counter.

The Journal of Consumer Research tracked the grocery shopping of 1,000 households over a period of 6 months and they also found that shoppers who used cash bought less processed foods and more nutritious ones than those who used cards.

grocery store tricks narrow check out lanes

Don’t let narrow aisle discourage you from returning something you don’t want

Keto Grocery Shopping Tip # 5: Be Aware Of Narrow Check-Out Aisles


60% of shoppers will discard items from their shopping carts at the check-out stage. To make this harder, stores are designed these days with very narrow aisles, leaving you no room to go and put anything back. Don’t be fazed by this. Always get only what you finally want, and hand over the extras to the check-out person.


Keto Grocery Shopping Tip # 6: Shop On A Full Stomach


Eat before you go grocery shopping. Temptations seem a lot less tempting when you’re shopping on a full stomach.

grocery store tricks price check

Use a basket, not a cart

Keto Grocery Shopping Tip # 7: Use A Basket, Not A Cart


If your shopping list has just a few items, don’t take a cart. The sight of a half-empty cart encourages you to fill it with things you don’t need. When shoppers were given extra-large shopping carts in a test, they actually bought 19% more.


Keto Grocery Shopping Tip # 8: Don’t Nip In Just For Milk


It’s a basket-filling trap. Rarely do people go to a grocery store to pick up just one item – and come out with just one item.


Keto Grocery Shopping Tip # 9: Look Above And Below


The big players get to bag the middle shelves in a grocery store because they pay more. But what’s comfortably displayed at eye-level may not be the healthiest or best product choices for you. Look at the higher and lower shelves for more options. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Keto Grocery Shopping Tip # 10: Endcap Displays Are Promotions – Not Price Deals


A lot of people mistakenly assume that items that are displayed on the aisle endcaps are on sale and buy them. Truth is, they’re more often just promotions. You save nothing by choosing to pick up something from an endcap display.


Keto Grocery Shopping Tip # 11: Check Yourself Out


Go to the self-checkout aisle instead of queuing up for someone else to do it for you. Impulse purchases drop by 32 % for women and 16 % for men when they get this final chance to have second thoughts, and put back some unnecessary or unwise items in their shopping cart.


Keto Grocery Shopping Tip # 12: Don’t Go To The Store If You’re Feeling Sad


Sad people spend four times more at the grocery store than people who’ll describe their current emotional state as `happy’ or `neutral’. If you’re in low spirits, skip grocery shopping if you can for that day.



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