19 Ways To Stay On Keto While Traveling



So you’re far away from home on a business trip, an impromptu vacation, an unexpected family emergency or whatever, and you’re suddenly faced with the daunting task of doing Keto while traveling.

Now what?

Do you just give up on all the hard work you’ve done so far and let yourself slide down the slippery slope to carb-heavy, craving-triggering foods? Or do you try your best to stay on track with the Ketogenic lifestyle?

We vote, you stay Keto. Because with a little planning and forward thinking, you CAN do it with minimum stress and anxiety, and be able to return from your travels without the extra baggage of guilt and regret.

No matter the size of the city or town you happen to find yourself in, something you’re assured to find there is a grocery store. (Reassuring fact: Even the town of Homer in Alaska, with a population of just 5,820 has a Safeway.) 

So, in this article, we’re going to send you to the nearest grocery store because when all else fails, this is the one place that will have everything you need to maintain a Keto diet while traveling.

Sounds good? Then get a trolley, and let’s go shopping! 


Keto While Traveling Tip # 1: Make The Deli Your First Stop


Keto while traveling grocery store visitHead for the produce and deli section as soon as you walk into the grocery store. You’ll find an abundance of options, most of which will work well as is, while some will need only slight modifications to work for weight loss on your Keto diet.


Keto While Traveling Tip # 2: Check Out The Pre-Cooked Meats


keto while travelling deli meats at grocery storeYou’re very likely to find pre-cooked chicken/turkey breasts and roast beef that you can have sliced according to your preference.

Most delis also have pre-cooked, grilled half chicken breasts that you can ask to be sliced for you so you can eat them much like finger food or as a topping on a salad. These are usually reasonably priced and available everywhere.


Keto While Traveling Tip # 3: Make Boiled Eggs Your Best Friend


keto while traveling grocery store boiled eggsAnother thing most delis have these days are packages of hard boiled eggs. Eggs are one of the best protein sources you can use on a Keto plan because they are the gold standard of bio availability for non-engineered proteins.


Keto While Traveling Tip # 4: Stick With Unprocessed Foods


keto while traveling eat unprocessed foodsStay as unprocessed as possible. The closer to fresh you stay, the less likely it is that you’ll run into hidden ingredients that will interfere with your weight loss journey – like heavy nitrates, added sugars, coatings, sauces thickened with carb-based starches, etc.


Keto While Traveling Tip # 5: Don’t Take Labels At Face Value


keto while traveling nutrition labelsWhen you are fending for yourself, the more important it becomes to know how to read a food label and spot problematic ingredients. Many products are labeled “Low Carb“ or “Keto“ but that does not mean that they fit into a weight loss protocol the way you would think. 

(A lot of people on low-carb diets are not losing weight because they are not properly balancing their protein, staying under the limit for fat, and eating hidden carbohydrates that masquerade as Keto-safe ingredients.)  


Keto While Traveling Tip # 6: Stock Up On Pre-Cut Veggies


keto while traveling eat precut fresh vegetablesOne of my favorite things that most grocery stores have started doing in the last few years is pre-cutting low carb vegetables for grab-and-go munching. 

You can almost always find fresh cut celery, jicama sticks, and bell peppers in the fresh case. It is very handy to grab a container of each and keep them in your mini fridge to add veggies to any proteins that you have chosen. 


Keto While Traveling Tip # 7: Grab Some Whole Veggies


keto while traveling eat whole vegetablesBeyond pre-cut celery, jicama, etc, you might also want to buy whole bell peppers (the green ones) since they store well on the counter, and are very easy to prepare with just a paring knife. 


Keto While Traveling Tip # 8: Add A Veggie Dip


Keto on vacation eat healthy veggie dipsKeep your veggies interesting with some dips to go with them like guacamole, Boursin soft cheese or a fun sauce like Bitchin’

Keto While Traveling Tip # 9: Look For Fresh Snack Packs


keto on vacation eat protein snack packsA quick protein and fat source for Keto dieters is fresh snack packs. Remember though, that some of the fresh snack packs don’t give a full food label, though most of them do offer some kind of an indication of calories and ounces.

Here’s a snack pack tip: if the label on a container of turkey slices, eggs and cheese, for example, says it has 6 ounces, and it contains three roughly equal portions of food, you can assume that there are 2 ounces of each thing – turkey, egg, and cheese.  

Just be sure to stick to your limit for what you can have. Eat the turkey and egg, but only half the cheese if needed, and save the other half for the next day.


Keto While Traveling Tip # 11: Let’s Not Forget Keto Breads!


keto on vacation eat ketogenic breadYou might get lucky enough to run into some allowed Keto bread options. Franz is widely available in the United States, and another one we recommend is the Carbonaut Keto Bread. You’ll find it in the frozen section, but you can stash it in your mini fridge and use it for a sandwich. 

Try a couple of slices of Keto bread with some deli sliced turkey, fresh lettuce and a smear of Bitchin sauce! Zesty and delicious!


Keto While Traveling Tip # 12: Other Things To Pick Up On Your Grocery Store Run


keto while vacationing buy a paring knifeRound out your grocery shopping with a few staples:  Ziploc bags, a paring knife, paper towels, a small container of sea salt, good dill pickles (allowed on Keto), plain or flavored water. 

More Tips For Evolve180 Clients


how to do keto on vacation

 For Evolve180 Weight Loss Clients, we have a few more tips if you’re traveling without your E180 Keto foods


Keto Travel Tip # 13: Get A Copy Of The Allowed Food List


travel with keto approved food listWhen you don’t have your easy grab Evolve180 Fat Burn™ foods, it’ll take a little more math and tracking to ensure you stay within your limits for each food group, but that’s a small price to pay to continue your weight loss journey even when you are in a pinch.  

The key to succeeding if you forgot your supplies is to be sure that you grab an electronic copy of your protocol and allowed/not allowed food lists, so that you can stay within the right boundaries of your protocol.

Stick with lean protein choices as much as possible and make sure you don’t overdo it on fat, given that you won’t be eating your low-fat, high bioavailable E180 foods.

Rule of thumb when winging it for a Keto plan is to get 4-6  ounces of protein at each meal. (Women should get 4 ounces, 3 to 4 times a day, and men should get 6 ounces, 4 to 5 times a day.)  Add a portion of vegetables (shooting for 3 total servings per day), and a portion of fat (staying within your limit of 2 to 4 servings limit) and you should be in good shape. 


Keto Travel Tip # 15: Avoid Fruits When Traveling


avoid fruits when travelling on a keto dietIt will be tempting to grab some strawberries or raspberries since those are allowed foods, but I advise against it. Given that you will be eating prepared foods and some of the ingredients will contain thickeners and starches, most of the proteins and fats that you eat will surely have some carbs in them. You don’t want to eat limited pretties on top of the fact that most of your protein and fats are already going to have carbs.


Keto Travel Tip # 16: Snack On Dills


eat dill pickle on keto vacationRemember, you can eat unlimited dill pickles on protocol and they make a fantastic munchie snack to keep you satiated, full and less likely to stray to forbidden foods. They also count as one of your vegetables if you’re finding it hard to get enough fresh vegetables in.  


Keto Travel Tip # 17: Be That Pesky Hotel Guest!


ask hotel for microwave for keto foodsIf you’re staying in a hotel, don’t be shy about asking for a refrigerator and a microwave in your room if possible. Then ask the kitchen to bring you a steak or a paring knife and some silverware to use with the food you prepare for yourself.


KetoTravel Tip # 18: It Doesn’t Have To Be All Or Nothing


no stress keto on holidayOne of the hardest things about finding yourself without your E180 weight loss foods is having to “wing it”. When you are doing that it’s easy to tell yourself, well, my options are limited, so as long as I’m eating “allowed foods“ I guess I’ll just not worry about portions. 

Indeed it’s true that as long as the foods are on the E180 allowed lists, you will be better off than if you were fully deviating from them. But you don’t need to deviate at all!  

There’s no reason you can’t still limit your portions to stay on protocol as much as possible. Don’t let your mind trip you up with false thinking that says otherwise.


Keto Travel Tip # 19: Don’t Worry About Throwing Out A Few Things


keto on holiday portion controlWe all hate wasting food, but you may just have to throw away a portion you aren’t supposed to eat. 

Remember that in the long run, it is better to throw away 1 oz of cheese if that is 1 oz more than you should eat, than to overeat, add unnecessary pounds in the midst of your weight loss phase and stay an extra week on the protocol to lose it. 

Keep yourself focused, don’t let your mistake of leaving your Protocol food behind become an excuse to overeat, and be thankful that most grocery stores and delis understand that there is a need for healthy, low-carb options and have provided them.


Keto Travel Tip # 20: Consider This Practice For Your Maintenance


vacation keto dietTraveling without your E180 protocol foods can become an opportunity for you to self-regulate and see how you might fare when you reach your weight loss goal and enter the maintenance phase.

Take a look at your store-bought allowed list and let that be your starting guide. Learn how to evaluate what is appropriate based on the label, and that will serve you not only to stay on track during your weight loss protocol but for maintenance and the rest of your life too.

* Applicable for Evolve180  Flagship Protocol, Evolve180 Mediterranean Protocol and Evolve180 Vegetarian Protocol and Evolve180 Indian Vegetarian Protocol



By preparing ahead of time and knowing what you expect, you can minimize the challenges of staying Keto while traveling, no matter where you go. Have you ever used grocery store products to stay on track with a Ketogenic diet plan when you were far away from home? What tips would you add to the list?



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