We’ve heard so many difficult stories of clients gaining / regaining weight over the last 9 months!  Stay at Home orders, working from home, remote schooling, isolation, stress and even low-grade depression!  We get it!  We can’t remember a more challenging time for those of us on weight loss and maintenance journeys.

And it’s about to get even harder, though.  Even in a normal year, it’s common for people to gain a significant amount of weight between Halloween and New Years Day.  Between stress and temptation, the pounds tend to pile on.  If you’ve already gained the dreaded ‘COVID-15’ (or 20!?), it may be headed for 20 – 25 by the end of the year!

Don’t’ let this happen to you! 

Below we offer tips to stabilize and prevent weight gain – whether or not you’re on our weight loss or maintenance protocols, your own plan or nothing at all.  Even if you’ve drifted away from a focus on weight loss altogether, we think you’ll find this list helpful so you at least avoid going backwards!


Follow These Tips To AVOID Weight Gain This Year


dieting tips for Christmas

# 1. Make A Game Plan And Stick To It

Whether you’re on a plan or not, going into the Holidays with an intention to make healthy choices is crucial.  A plan will help you stick to protocol or maintenance guidelines, OR if you’re not on a plan, help to avoid the “free for all” attitude that tends to creep in during the Holidays.

Of course we think the best plan is to be on the Evolve180 Weight Loss Protocol or Maintenance.  But even if you’re on nothing at all right now, an intentional plan will help!  Make a plan, minimize temptations, and stay focused.


eating healthy during the holidays

# 2.  Prepare For Events

Whether your events are at home with your immediate family or in a more social setting, know in advance what food choices will be available and which ones will be suitable for you.  If there are not enough good options, plan to eat ahead of time, bring items you can safely have, or ask for some additions/modifications to the menu.


Avoiding temptations during the holidays weight loss

# 3.  Minimize Temptation

This year instead of events, many people will celebrate the Holidays at home — with food.  This can mean being surrounded by tempting foods for days or weeks at a time.  Leftover goodies are harder than Holiday meals themselves!

Try to keep holiday food around just for the day of the event, then purge your house afterward.  It’s better for leftover unhealthy foods to go in the garbage rather than your stomach. At minimum, stash tempting food out of sight and keep your healthier options front and center where they are easily accessible.


get weight loss support during holidays

# 4. Check In With Someone Who Understands

If you’re on Protocol or in Maintenance: stay on track with your coaching visits.

If you’re not on Protocol or any plan, enlist a supportive family member or friend to keep you accountable. Tell them your plan for sticking to healthier choices during the Holidays.  Give them permission and ask them to check in each week to see how you’re doing.

1 vegetable holiday treats weight loss

# 5.  Add Veggies

Fill half your plate at each meal with salad greens and non-starchy veggies!  Lean on the “unlimited” veggies to fill you up and keep you satiated.  Getting 4 cups on non-starchy veggies a day helps keep you full, focused and feeling good about your choices!


1 drinking less alcohol during Chrisrmas weight loss tips

# 6.  Avoid Alcohol

Remember, even low-carb alcohol choices add up! Plus it can be much more difficult to make healthy choices about your eating when you drink. If you do drink, follow the guidelines on the “Alcohol on Evolve180” guide.


diet food substitutes keto

# 7.  Use Substitutes

Make low-carb versions of your favorite Holiday foods.  We have our Thanksgiving Menu available online and printed at the office now. Remember you can make delicious appetizers, side dishes, drinks and desserts that all fit within your weight loss or maintenance guidelines.  Remember to look through our Thanksgiving and Holiday recipes on our website. If you’ve forgotten the password, give us a shout and we’ll hook you up.

tips on surviving christmas on a diet keto

# 8.  Bring Your Own Treat

Bring your favorite restricted treat, or make yourself a Holiday version of one of our puddings or drinks to bring with you.  Don’t deprive yourself.  Make sure you have something that feels like a treat while others are indulging.


Wishing you had help right about now?

Our team is standing by and ready to help you gain control during this temptation-filled season!  You can absolutely lose rather than gain through the Holidays!  We are just a click or call away. (425-442-5626)