80 lbs 1 Year Journey

Success on longer journeys requires
specialized approach!

What if you had…

  • An entire team backing you for a whole year!

  • A breakthrough like you’ve never had before!

  • A holistic plan for both body and mind!

More like a marathon than a sprint

Everyone knows you need a different approach for a marathon, but what should that look like?

  • The right food plan.
  • The right mindset.
  • A doable exercise regimen.
  • Expert support from people who GET IT!

There’s nothing else like it! 

  • Drop a large amount of fat without surgery.
  • Avoid damage to your metabolism.
  • Ongoing support to keep it off for life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our plan is only $7750.00 for 52 continuous weeks! That’s insanely low compared to any other large weight loss options.  It’s also over 20% off our regular pricing when purchased in this way.  (See comparison in the Q&A section below.)

Everything you need to be successful including:

  • 52 weeks of 1:1 coaching for accountability and support
  • A customized eating plan that will shift your body from fat-storing to fat-burning!
  • Our amazing protein foods – for meal replacement and additional protein.
  • Expert coaching to carry you through even the most challenging situations!
  • Weekly weigh-in on a body composition scale.
  • BONUS Mindset Curriculum – designed by experts who’ve lost over 100lbs themselves!
  • BONUS Movement Curriculum – designed to help you start where you’re at and improve your fitness at your pace.
  • BONUS Reading, Listening & Watch List – the books, podcasts & videos we’ve found most helpful for a longer journey.
  • Food journal, water bottle, fabric carry-all bag.
  • INCLUDED: our renowned Maintenance Program with  complimentary monthly maintenance check-ins for life!

So you can become empowered to:

  • Change your daily habits from the ground up.
  • Free yourself up to experience your own personal power.
  • Remember what really matters to you.
  • Care for yourself without using food or alcohol
  • Reward and inspire yourself in healthy ways.
  • Stay focused and not get distracted
  • Set boundaries with well-meaning saboteurs
  • Learn how to eat to keep the weight off forever!

Paying up front has several benefits. The most important is that you commit to your full year journey from day one! With financial skin in the game, you are more likely to stick to the plan and see it all the way through. This helps keep you from giving up when things feel hard.

Also, you receive more than 20% off compared to a “pay as you go” approach.

During the weight loss phase, women average 2 lbs per week fat loss, and men average 3-4 depending on their body composition. (This average can be slightly higher or lower depending on your level of precision and compliance, as well as the amount of muscle in your body composition when you start.)

Women can lose between 80-100 lbs and men between 80-175 lbs.

YES! Our plan works just as well in person or remotely. Our Evolve180 At Home program includes everything the regular program does, but also:

  • Complimentary delivery or shipping of our food/supplements to your location.
  • Phone or zoom coaching sessions.
  • Use your own scale for weigh-ins (we suggest a good body composition scale).

It blows them out of the water!

Average Cost Program Pros Cons
$199 Pure App-based Weight Loss Programs
  • Low cost
  • Convenient
  • One-size-fits-all eating plan
  • No food included
  • Lack of real accountability
  • Low follow-through rates
$700 - $850 App + Peer or Crowd-Sourced Support
  • Low cost
  • Convenient
  • Somewhat personalized
  • One-size-fits-all eating plan
  • No food included
  • Inconsistent quality of support
  • Inconsistent results
$2,000 - $3,500 App + Trained Coaching
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • More personalized
  • One-size-fits-all eating plan
  • No food included
  • Lack of customizable options
  • 'Assembly line' type coaching
  • Extra charge for maintenance
$7,750 Evolve180 80 lb+ 1-Year Journey
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • In-person or 'at home'
  • Food included
  • Fully customized for you
  • Free maintenance for life!
  • None!
$11,700 1 Year of Personal Trainer w/Nutrition Coaching
  • Strength training built-in
  • Usually a one-size-fits all nutrition plan
  • Does not address metabolic impairment
  • Difficult to sustain
  • High tendency to regain weight when you stop intensive workouts
$12,500 Other local 1:1 Coached Programs
(including food products)
  • Effective if properly coached
  • Cost
  • Lack of accessible, effective maintenance
  • Lack of consistent quality/expertise of coaching
$20,000 Bariatric Surgery
A drastic last resort with real risks.
  • Effective
  • Fast
  • Medical complications
  • You need to change how you eat anyway
  • 75% regain half their weight,
    and 50% regain all their weight within 5 years.
In-Person · Virtual · Hybrid! Flexible options that evolve as you do. Start YOUR WAY today! Complimentary Consultation
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