Evolve180 vs. Bariatric Surgery

Is bariatric surgery the right solution for you?

Here’s what you should know before undergoing bariatric surgery.

Desperate for a weight loss solution?

Willing to try just about anything?

Tried everything under the sun without lasting success?

Yearning for something fast, easy, permanent?

Sound familiar?

Many of us at Evolve180, including our founder, Sherene, have faced this.

It’s very common for people considering yet another weight loss plan to wonder in the back of their mind if bariatric surgery might be their only real hope.

On the surface, bariatric surgery seems to promise fast, lasting relief. But does the promise deliver?

We decided to explore the burning questions:

  • Should I try one more weight loss plan?
  • Should I just bite the bullet and get surgery?
  • What’s going to get me to my goal in the fastest, healthiest, and most permanent way?

Is Bariatric Surgery Really Better?

Bariatric surgery often sounds like the magic bullet. In the commercials, patients just wake up after surgery and the weight starts melting off effortlessly. Suddenly, they’re eating less without even trying! They aren’t even hungry! Their body has been fixed, and they are now “normal.”

If only it really worked that way…but it doesn’t.

Truly reputable bariatric clinics require 6 months to a year of behavioral and health preparation before the surgery itself. This preparation is designed to identify and overcome mental and physical habits that will sabotage your chances of long-term success, even with surgery. If you skip this intensive preparation, you’ll probably join the over 75% of surgical patients who gain a bunch of their weight back after surgery.

Bariatric surgery might allow you to drop weight rapidly in the short term, but it doesn’t change your relationship with food.

Without a big mental shift, you risk reverting to behaviors that caused you to gain weight in the first place. Some of these behaviors are about brain chemistry, including hormone-driven urges and cravings. Others are about ways you cope with stress or emotions. Behaviors and habits don’t change just because you had surgery, and the surgery won’t prevent you from regaining weight if those behaviors aren’t gone.

There’s a nickname for this phenomenon: “eating around the surgery” — meaning that a person with eating problems will find a way to overeat in the long run.

On top of that, major surgery carries significant risk:

    • Leakage

    • Infection

    • Chronic pain

    • Scarring

    • Reactions to anesthesia

    • Bleeding problems

    • Death

    Given that you will still have to change the way you eat, change your relationship with food, and actively prevent weight regain, it’s a lot of risk for no guarantee of success.

    You can get the same results with Evolve180 — with none of the risks.

    What About Loose Skin

    With bariatric surgery, there’s also a lot of excess skin to contend with. Excess skin is a big problem for most bariatric patients because weight comes off so quickly that the skin does not have time to firm up. Skin removal requires another surgery, which carries more risks and tremendous expense.

    Plastic surgery ranges anywhere from $7,000 for tummy tucks to over $25,000 for full-body lifts. These procedures require months of painful recovery (and a full year with the full lift). But without the skin removal, many bariatric patients still feel unhappy with their bodies — they won’t wear short-sleeve shirts or bathing suits because their loose skin looks worse to them than their excess weight had.

    Evolve180 has a strategy for this problem, too.

    Evolve180 vs. Bariatric Surgery

    At Evolve180, we deliver the same results — without the risks!

    Our customized food plans mean you can achieve sustainable weight loss while simultaneously adjusting the way you eat in a way that revs your metabolism into high gear. You’ll have support to let go of old eating behaviors as you naturally begin to incorporate the right amounts of fresh vegetables, correct proteins, and healthy fats to properly fuel your body.

    Weight loss is fast on the Evolve180 plan!

    If you eat the way we teach you, your body gets 2/3 of its caloric needs from your own fat stores.

    • Women lose 2–4 lbs per week, on average
    • Men lose 3–5 lbs per week, on average
    These results are similar to those you get with bariatric surgery,
    but without painful, restrictive limitations.

    So how do we deal with loose skin?

    We do our best to prevent it! One of Evolve180’s most successful secret ingredients is a very specialized type of Red Light Therapy. Studies have shown that certain Infrared and red-spectrum LED light frequencies rejuvenate and tone skin by stimulating new collagen growth. These lights also cause subcutaneous fat cells to release their contents, yielding extra inches lost in targeted areas.

    Red Light Therapy is our secret weapon in our fight to reduce loose skin as we lose weight.

    The best maintenance plan in the industry

    Keep the weight off with Evolve180’s maintenance plan. It starts during weight loss with mindset tools to help you shift your relationship with food from Day 1! All along your journey, our expert nutritionist coaches help you reshape your thinking and habits to set you up for success.

    Then, when you reach your goal, you’ll be guided through intensive training on how to eat for your metabolic type to stay at your desired body-fat percentage. And finally, Evolve180 offers complimentary long-term, ongoing support and accountability during maintenance.

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