Amazing Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Why we offer Red Light Therapy at Evolve180!

Hint:  We’re committed to cutting edge, science-backed shortcuts!

A gentle and effective way to boost your weight loss results.

Many studies show RLT bypasses the hormone-driven limits preventing us from accessing stored fat. How? Because at a specific frequency and power, Red Light penetrates all the way down into subcutaneous fat cells, causing them to open up and spill their contents (lipids) out! It’s a legitimate way to spot-reduce in target areas – something we’ve often been told is impossible without surgery!

And as if that weren’t amazing enough, RLT can also leave skin plumper, tighter and more radiant! That’s because it stimulates the production of new collagen at the cellular level.

Lose weight with Evolve180’s powerful nutritional approach. Lose inches with clinically proven Red Light Therapy. Tone and tighten your skin at the same time!

  • Shed fat from your upper arms, stomach, hips, thighs, butt.
  • Tone, tighten and plump your skin.
  • Measurable results in 6-12 sessions.
  • No pain, no surgery, no discomfort.
  • It’s like a mini-spa day — with results that last.
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“I received 12 treatments with the infrared light over the course of about 6 weeks. Not only did I lose inches to the point where my clothes were loose, the best thing was how it improved my cellulite. I can wear a bathing suit again without feeling self conscious about my legs!”

Another Happy Client
Melanie D., RLT Client

Fat cells before the effects of Red Light Therapy

Safe and Clinically Proven

Clinical studies show that when a fat cell is exposed to certain frequencies of the red light spectrum, the cell will release 99% of its contents within just a few minutes!

This leaves cells deflated but not damaged – much like a balloon releasing its air.

Fat Cells after the effect of Red Light Therapy

Who says there are no shortcuts? 

At Evolve180, we are always on the lookout for effective, science-backed methods
to accelerate the weight loss experience and maximize results.

Are you ready for transformative, sustainable results?
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