Make up for the nutritional deficiencies of a 100% vegetarian diet that prevent (or drastically slow down) your fat loss rate.


Outsmart your Indian genetic predisposition for obesity, cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes.


Make weight loss more fun and doable with delicious, desi foods from North and South India.

Say Hello To Quick Fat Loss

Vegetarianism may have many health-related advantages, but weight loss is not one of them. It is a well-documented fact that people who follow a plant-based lifestyle have the toughest time losing weight.

There are several reasons for this:

  • imgThe Protein Paradox
  • •Many vegetarian foods lack `complete’ proteins. These are proteins that contain all 9 essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own.

  • • Unlike animal proteins (like chicken, beef and eggs), plant-based protein sources (like whole grains, nuts and seeds) lack several amino acids. This means that in order to be successful, vegetarians need extensive knowledge and commitment to make up for the shortfall.• Another drawback with plant-based proteins is that they are not absorbed as readily by the body as animal-based ones. So even if you think you’re eating plenty of protein, a significant part of it is actually being wasted.
  • • As a vegetarian, if you are not aware of the crucial role that protein plays in your keto diet journey, you cannot create a meal plan that will protect your precious muscle mass and trigger weight loss.
  • imgCarb Dependency• Indian cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world, but it is also one of the carb-heaviest. And Indians, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, have an ingrained preference for high-carb foods.
  • • Many of these foods are rich in protein and provide other health benefits as well (like chana and dal), but their carb content is so high that including them will stall most weight loss efforts.
  • img
    The Evolve180 Solution • We specialize in predicting how your metabolism will behave after years of eating the Indian way. We then use bio-science to stop carb cravings, and hack your body’s fat burning systems. As you follow our Indian Vegetarian keto Diet, your body will become ‘fat adapted’, meaning it will start to switch easily between burning carbs and fat throughout the day – without much preference for either.
  • • This flexibility will drastically improve your chances of keeping off the weight you lost for life. Without fat adaptation, most people struggle with post-weight loss hunger and cravings daily.

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Say Goodbye To The Indian Potbelly

Have you noticed that no matter what you do, the weight around the abdomen area just refuses to come off?

You’ll be interested to know it is not your fault. It’s in your `Indian’ genes.

Extensive studies have identified variations that alter the activity of the FTO and MC4R genes among people of Indian ancestry (as well as other South Asians) and makes them more likely to suffer from ‘central obesity’ – the term for a concentrated accumulation of fat in and around the belly. And within the Indian population, the 40% of people who are vegetarians are more prone to morbid obesity and belly fat than those who eat meat.

That’s not all. And this is where the story gets a bit grim.

Weight loss is one of the most recommended health solutions in India. Why? Because it’s the best intervention for insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes– both of which are at near epidemic levels in India.

Caught in the throes of an epidemiological transition, the country is often referred to as the “diabetes capital of the world”. This concerning trend is accelerating due to contributing factors like urbanization and an uptick in affluence, which is associated with a higher intake of processed and highly-palatable, carb-laden foods.

Indians who move to the United States are 10% more obese than those in India. And even when they aren’t technically obese, 43% of Indian people with normal BMIs (Body Mass Index) are actually metabolically unhealthy.

The Evolve180 Solution

Indian vegetarians cannot be lumped in with other vegetarians on a keto diet for a very particular reason.

This community is unique because their plant-based diet is not temporary, politically-inspired or even health related. It is based primarily on religion and has been practiced as a lifestyle for centuries – during which time Indian physiology has adapted and become extremely resistant to change.

Evolve180 took this into account when designing our Indian Vegetarian Protocol.  It is very different from our standard keto Vegetarian Protocol because we understand what our South Asian clients need for weight loss success.

Using our proven Fat Burn™ Method, we target the Indian metabolism with satisfying substitutes for the most carb-heavy staples that Indians rely on.

You’ll be amazed at how easily a stubbornly evolved metabolism can be reset to produce better health and weight loss results in just a matter of weeks.

Enjoy Fat Burn™ Indian Foods


# 1: One-On-One Expert Coaching

At Evolve180, we have no bots. We have real, caring, human coaches instead, who are with you every step of the way.

# 2: 100% Personalized Plan

After analyzing your body’s specific metabolic profile, we set you up with a day-to-day routine that is perfect for YOU. (Just any old keto plan DEFINITELY does not yield the same weight loss results for all!)

# 3: Vegetarian Fat Burn™ Snacks And Meals – Included

You’ll receive a generous supply of our delicious Vegetarian Fat Burn™ foods as part of your weight loss protocol. For our nationwide clients, we offer free shipping.

# 4: Craving-Free Food Peace™ Experience

It’s our secret sauce – our ‘make or break’ difference!  Evolve180 is famous for the COMPLETE lack of hunger and cravings our clients experience after just a few days on any of our Fat Burn™ programs. Dieters on our Indian Vegetarian keto Protocol are no exception.

# 5: Delicious, Fat-Busting Indian Vegetarian recipes

Available only to Evolve180 clients (for both weight loss and maintenance phases), our test-kitchen chefs have worked overtime to create scrumptious Indian food options to help you stay satiated and on track!

# 6: The Industry’s BEST Maintenance Support For Life

Everyone knows that losing weight is hard, but maintaining that loss is harder. We make it easy by sticking with you for the long run – offering support, resources and inspiration to stay at your goal weight for life!

# 7: In-Studio Or Remote – Do It From Anywhere!

Visit our studio in person (Bellevue, WA) or work with us online from home, office or wherever. It doesn’t matter. It works just as well for everyone. Try it and see.

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