Where is Evolve180 Weight Loss?

You can find us at 13500 Bel-Red Road, Suite 8B, Bellevue, WA, 98005. We’re between Wade’s and the Miele appliance store on Bel-Red Road in Bellevue.

Need a map? We’ve got you covered.

Is a weight loss studio the same as a clinic?

Yes, and more! We’ve designed a beautiful and unique environment so that your visits feel enjoyable, relaxing, and inspiring. No ho-hum weight loss clinic here!

What weight loss protocols do you offer?

Evolve180 Weight Loss offers two main tracks to guide you through your weight loss journey: Evolve180 and Ideal Protein. Working with you through a personalized process of expert consultation, health assessment, and body composition analysis, we’ll determine the right path for you and your body.

Read about our unique and effective approach to lasting weight loss >>

How do I start my transformative weight loss journey?

Schedule a time to come meet us for your free consultation! It’s fun, informative, and judgement free. You’ll learn about our weight loss methods, ask questions, try some of the foods…it’s great! Click here to get scheduled.

You used to be Ideal Northwest. Why the name change?

Once we discovered that we needed another protocol—one that would serve clients who need more flexibility (Evolve180)—it didn’t seem right to keep the name “Ideal” as part of our main identity. We were becoming a bigger organization—a weight loss studio offering our new Evolve180 protocol in addition to Ideal Protein. So, we switched in order to bring awareness to our clients, colleagues, and friends that a new era is dawning for effective, sustainable weight loss! Read our story >>

How much does it cost?

Think of us like your auto body shop, but for the most precious body out there—yours! It would be a shot in the dark to give you an estimate without taking a peek under the hood first. But we can proudly tell you that we offer world-class service and transformative, lasting results at about half the cost our largest, most well-known competitor. (You’ve heard them on the radio…) Come on in for your free consultation—and an informed estimate that you can count on.

Will my insurance cover your program?

If you have a weight-related medical condition (such as hypertension, heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, or a diagnosis of obesity), your program fees for weight loss services may be reimbursable through your FSA or HSA. As coverage is plan specific, we recommend checking with your Health Plan Administrator to find out if your plan includes coverage for medical weight loss. We are happy to provide you with suggested questions to ask your Plan Administrator, as well as a sample “Letter of Medical Necessity” for you to discuss with your doctor.

Is reimbursement important for you? Evolve180 is more likely to qualify for reimbursement than Ideal Protein, so let us know! We’ll make sure this is part of our discussion during your free consultation.

What does low-carb/ketogenic mean? I’ve heard ketosis is dangerous…

OK, the answer to this one is a bit science-y and long. Hold onto your socks! Strictly speaking, “low carb” means a diet very low in sugars, starches, and grains. Carbs include most fruits, some vegetables (like potatoes), pasta, grain, corn, peas, rice, flours, and all packaged snacks (yep, including cookies, candy, chips, and all other tasties).

When you cut your carb levels low enough, your body enters a state called “ketosis.” When you’re in ketosis, your body starts burning fat instead of sugar (a.k.a. glucose). Well, technically, your body creates “ketones” from your fat, which is what it burns for fuel, hence the term “ketosis.” Anyway…

Ketosis is generally very safe for most people. In addition, the appetite suppressing effect of ketosis (which we’ve nicknamed “food peace”) helps clients who suffer from extreme food and carb cravings to stay on track more easily.

Only certain health conditions make it dangerous. If you’ve recently had a heart attack, have kidney or liver diseases, are taking certain medications, or have Type 1 diabetes, you should talk to your doctor before considering a ketogenic diet. 

A non-ketogenic version of both our protocols does exist as a safe alternative for those who need it. Come on in to discuss the best protocol for you!

I have Type 2 Diabetes. Can I still do this diet? What about heart disease? Kidney or liver problems?

These protocols are particularly useful for Type 2 Diabetics. We have specialized support and instructions, as well as ways to interface with your medical provider to ensure coordinated care while you lose weight.

If you have kidney, liver, or severe heart problems, we may need to consult your doctor before you start your ketogenic protocol. We make it super easy, so don’t worry. The consult can usually be done entirely by email. In cases where doctors want you to avoid ketosis, most will authorize one of our alternative protocols instead. 

I have food allergies. Can I still do this program?

Both protocols have ingredient lists for their products that allow dieters to select foods which do not conflict with their food allergies or intolerances. Most clients with food allergies do best on the Evolve180 protocol because it was designed for customization—including working around certain foods or ingredients.

Can you work with people with eating disorders?

We don’t specifically offer eating disorder treatment. However, many of our clients and some of our staff do 12-step work to help overcome compulsive overeating. We recommend the phone-based Overeater’s Anonymous group, “OA Hour of Power” (www.OAHOP.org), as our top choice for support with disordered eating.  

Is this diet good for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

Both protocols are primarily ketogenic, and therefore make good eating plans for women suffering from PCOS. Importantly, PCOS has insulin resistance at its core, which is the very issue both Evolve180 and Ideal Protein excel at addressing.  

What do you mean by “metabolic type?”

At Evolve180 Weight Loss, we’ve developed our program around the fact that not everyone shares the same kind of metabolism. There are two “types” of metabolism: A and B. Most people who are overweight are Met Type B, and they require different nutrition than people who are Met Type A.

When you visit our studio, please ask for a copy of our e-book, “Metabolic Types and the Zombie Apocalypse,” to find out more — it’s important stuff!

Where does exercise come into the program?

Both the Evolve180 and Ideal Protein protocols work best with mild to moderate exercise. However, we’ve had successful clients who did virtually no exercise at all, and we’ve had successful clients who worked out a lot. The key is communication to ensure everything is balanced and supported properly.

I travel all the time, I eat out all the time. Is your program still for me?

Yes! Both the Evolve180 and Ideal Protein protocols can be easily adapted to meet your lifestyle and needs. But it’s a bit easier on Evolve180—that’s why we developed it! Read more about the protocols >>

Once I lose weight, how do I make sure I don’t gain it right back?

We’re proud to offer the best Maintenance Program in the industry! Come on in for your free consultation to learn more.

I’ve tried so many things before…why will this work when so many things haven’t?

First of all, you may have Metabolic Type B. About 50% of us do. If that’s the case, you’re probably insulin resistant and will need a weight loss approach that takes that into account. Without cutting carbs, many Met Type B’s can gain weight even on a small number of calories. That’s why we determine what the right protocol is for your body using your health profile, body composition, and in-depth consultation.

I don’t like vegetables. It’s not even a question. (But really, can I do this program?)

Yes! We have a multitude of tricks up our sleeves to help clients who do not like vegetables. You’ll be surprised!

I have a vacation coming up! The holidays are almost here! Swimsuit season is right around the corner! Should I have started yesterday?

There is NEVER a good time to start a strict diet. If you have a fun life at all, there will always be something coming up involving food, travel, celebration…

So the right time is now. And, if you have a big event coming up, we can help you strengthen your determination to stay on track or give you guidelines on how to “cheat” in the safest, least damaging way possible.

We teach you how to adapt the food plan to your life, and your life to the food plan. Our consultants are experts at this! Let us help you have a fun life AND a healthy, sustainable body weight!

My daughter’s wedding is in 6 weeks. How much weight can I lose by then?

On Evolve180, women lose an average of between 2-3 lbs of fat per week.

Men average between 3-5. On Ideal Protein, women lose an average of 2 lbs of fat per week, and men lose between 3-4. Read how it works >>

Will my weight loss coach have lost weight themselves?

We pick our people with incredible care to ensure that you are supported through an effective weight loss journey. Some of our team members have lost between 20 and 100+ lbs on our protocols, and others are extremely well-trained, compassionate experts who are there to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Read more about us >>

I heard that you can’t eat fruit on Ideal Protein. Is this true?! WTF?!

Fruit is basically sugar. It’s a healthier form of it, but it will interrupt “fat-burning mode” (ketosis) as quickly as a scoop of ice cream. On our protocols, fruit is virtually eliminated to ensure you stay on track to reach your goal. With that said, the Evolve180 protocol calculates in a small amount for those who can tolerate it and still lose weight.

I hear that people lose hair on Ideal Protein. Will I?

Only about 5-10% of dieters lose hair on Ideal Protein. We have heard numerous theories about why it happens, but even Ideal Protein cannot fully explain this phenomenon. We suspect it comes from the very low-fat content of the Ideal protocol over a prolonged period of time. If it is going to happen, it usually starts at about month 3-6 and affects mainly longer-term dieters.

Good news: the hair grows back, sometimes thicker than before (especially if you have PCOS). Other good news: Evolve180 clients don’t seem to suffer this issue. We think it is because more healthy fats are allowed on the Evolve180 protocol.

You always say Ideal Protein is a wonderful protocol. Why develop Evolve180?

So glad you asked! Ideal Protein is a wonderful protocol. Evolve180’s founder, Sherene Kershner, credits it for getting her started on the road to health and happiness that she thought was lost to her. It changed her body forever and taught her to understand why her needs were different than those of someone who was naturally thinner. But Ideal Protein doesn’t work for everyone, so we designed a cutting-edge, customizable protocol to push the envelope further.

We’re immensely proud of how well Evolve180 has worked for our clients! Read more of our story here.

We obviously love what we do, and we can’t wait to share more with you!!!

Let’s meet in person and continue the conversation.