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A new approach. A better experience. Solutions for an effective and sustainable weight loss process.

It begins with a complimentary visit with an expert Consultant at our beautiful studio or by phone.  The purpose?  To get to know you.  What have you tried before? What has and hasn’t worked? Why?

We conduct a thorough health assessment, body composition analysis and discuss your goals.  Once we understand you, we’ll provide customized advice about the best way for you to reach your goal and stay there.  For life.

More about the Evolve180 Method

Our science-based weight loss method was designed with you in mind.

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Evolve180™ Weight Loss Plan

Evolve180 is a highly specialized weight loss plan – calibrated to your specific needs. We look at your metabolic type, carb threshold, activity level and several other factors to design a plan specific to you.

We can dial it up to accommodate busy lifestyles, or dial it down to make super simple and easy.  So far we haven’t found anyone Evolve180™ can’t work for.

And don’t worry about the science—it’s fully baked in! By following Evolve180™, your body kicks into metabolic high-gear and… well, we’ll be happy to chat about the nuts and bolts.

Our Evolve At Home option is exactly the same, just with phone or email check-ins, and the option to have food shipped or delivered! Evolve At Home offers all of the benefits of our program in a way that allows extra convenience!


  • Protein-optimized, fat-burn maximized weight loss tailored to your metabolic type.
  • Science-based: far more generous, effective and sustainable than other well known plans.
  • Includes weekly weigh-ins, expert coaching, long-term maintenance support.
  • Customizable – choose supplement-based or whole food options, vegetarian options and more!
  • Training for optional Intermittent Fasting.
  • Flexible enough to fit your lifestyle!
  • Developed by Evolve180™’s founder, Sherene Kershner, in consultation with Physicians, Certified Nutritionists, Dieticians and Naturopathic Doctors.
  • Evolve At Home – your perfect solution for successful weight loss without the drive!

Evolve180 Maintenance Program

Everyone knows the statistics. Losing weight isn’t the hard part.  Keeping it off?  A totally different story.

Our maintenance program is famous!  Why?

It’s effective!  Clients marvel at the easy to follow, detailed plan. We eliminate guesswork. We build on your success.  But our secret sauce is teaching you to prepare for life’s unexpected curve-balls.  We cover all the bases.

It’s complimentary!  Yep, you read that right.  Everyone who loses with us qualifies.  None of those last minute disqualifications or ‘gotchas’ you’ve come to expect from the other guys.  We are as invested as you are in your long-term success.  Period.

  • Clear, detailed instructions – including menus, recipes and education – customized just for you.
  • Seamless transition from weight loss to maintenance.
  • Science-based.  Developed by Evolve180™’s team of experts to solve the industry’s biggest problem — weight regain.
  • Complimentary  ongoing monthly check-ins.
  • Extra help available for those who need it.

At Home Special Offer

Evolve At Home has always offered extra convenience to help you reach your goals. But now its the perfect way to keep yourself and others safe while staying on track!

You’ll receive all the benefits of the Evolve180 Weight Loss method, including:

  • Expert support and guidance to stay on track
  • Weekly check-ins – by phone or email
  • Weigh-ins on a home based scale
  • Protein-based foods shipped or delivered right to your doorstep

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