Izzy's Story

Izzy doesn’t look like someone who ever struggled with weight. In fact she started life with a “Type A” metabolism; slim and active in various sports all throughout her teen years. Then everything changed.

Several health issues and a sudden weight gain of over 30 lbs sent her to the doctor in her early 20s. It was then that she was diagnosed with borderline Type II Diabetes and Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS – a condition which effects approximately 10% of all women). PCOS is a multi-hormonal imbalance, paired with Insulin Resistance, which usually causes significant weight gain, problems with fertility, scalp hair loss, facial hair growth, etc. It quickly became a daily struggle for Izzy to stop gaining weight, and she found it nearly impossible to lose any.

For years she searched for ways of eating which might help. She tried diet after diet with little success. She went from 128 to almost 170 within the space of about six months. It was only her persistence in staying active (snowboarding, skiing, hiking, running) which kept her from gaining even more.

In 2012, she discovered Ideal Protein and our clinic, Ideal Northwest. She immediately had success losing weight because – as she later learned – the best intervention for PCOS is a low-carb, insulin-balancing diet. Not only did she drop unwanted fat, but she rebalanced her metabolism in a way that helped her more easily keep it from returning. AND, in learning to understand the biological underpinnings of Ketosis, she found the key to long-term maintenance. Izzy has kept her weight off for over 5 years (within a 3-lb range) and reports she’s never felt better, stronger or less inflamed since she started eating low-carb.

Even when she weighed 170 lbs, though, Izzy didn’t look like someone who needed to lose weight. In fact she actually looked like one of the naturally thin people. So when she talked with friends or colleagues about her struggles, her need to watch what she ate, or her trouble dropping weight, they were not very sympathetic. Izzy is actually sometimes “thin shamed,” in that people who see her order a salad or watch her refrain from eating certain foods will make snide comments. It’s as if they feel a thin person being careful to stay thin somehow reflects negatively on themselves.

Approximately 20% of our clients are like Izzy in some way. Either they started out thin — not having to watch what they ate until after they had kids, or after they hit their 40s — at which time it became a constant battle. OR, they also have PCOS and struggle with the extra difficulty that disorder creates for weight loss and weight maintenance. Many of these clients appreciate a coach who understands that you don’t have to weigh over 300 lbs for this to be a heroic journey. Any of us who struggle every day with carb cravings, chronic fat storage even if we are trying to “diet,” and a much higher level of difficulty losing weight will find empathy and support from Izzy.

Izzy is also our best expert on supporting exercise, athletics and activity while in Phase 1 and Maintenance. She hiked, went skiing, snowboarded and worked out the whole time and became adept at balancing the intensity, protein and supplements to preserve her muscle. She is a great fit for clients who want to be active on the protocol.

Izzy may as well be a therapist for all the ways she’s understanding, empathetic, supportive and excellent with boundaries. She has dedicated many years to personal growth and learning, so she has a lot to share when it comes to the mental and emotional side of weight loss. Izzy has taken courses such as Landmark, read dozens of books, attended groups and seminars — all aimed at living the most productive, happy life she can. At Ideal Northwest, we value self-awareness and personal integrity very highly, which is why Izzy has become such a perfect fit for our team and our clients.