Jane Brennan

I have battled with my weight pretty much my whole life and have been on so many “diets” I can’t count. After seeing some unflattering photos of myself, I knew I’d have to commit to make a change, but didn’t know which program to use. A few close family members have type 2 diabetes and I knew I was headed in that direction. I was on blood pressure medication, and generally felt awful most of the time.

A few months later, a good friend told me about Ideal Protein. I decided right then to give it a try. I found Ideal Northwest online and couldn’t wait to start. I started the week before Thanksgiving, 2013. By January 1st I had already dropped 21 pound – through the Holidays!! By April I was off my blood pressure medication (with congratulations from my doctor)! At 7 months, I had reached my goal weight. I was down 68 lbs and a total of 61 inches.

Ideal Northwest didn’t just coach me on Phase 1… they also taught me what and how to eat to maintain my weight loss. This is the only program I have found that focused on healthy habits for a lifetime, not just while you are “dieting”. I felt so inspired by this total life transformation, that I’ve shared it with several friends who have now joined as well. It’s wonderful to help even more people feel as good as I do.

“Everything in my life was easier. I felt great, slept well, and my ankles didn’t ache anymore. Even my shoes were all too big!”