Karen's Story

I have a very typical story, I think. I have been overweight, and on a diet roller coaster for most of my life, spent a lot of money on every diet program out there, and succeeded at all of them! Unfortunately, the results were an illusion, and I was never able to maintain the weight that I had lost over and over again.

I knew that at 51 years old, I was taking more medications than my mother, and I decided that I was not going to live the rest of my life like the 50+ pounds over weight and waiting for the old ticker to give out.

Somewhere along the way, maybe 25 years ago, my blood pressure became an issue, and trying numerous doctors and medications (adding and adding more medications), I was unable to maintain a healthy blood pressure. It had become dangerously high, and I was taking multiple medications in an attempt to get it down. My typical blood pressure readings were 170/90 and higher, even while taking 5 blood pressure medications. Now, I hold steady in the ballpark of 117/75. I am no longer taking ANY medication to control my blood pressure. Now that’s EXCITING!!

I found Ideal Protein (and Sherene) through my Naturopath, and have never looked back. On the Ideal Protein program, I lost 63 lbs, 52.5 total inches (10.5 were off my waist), my body fat percentage went from 42.06% to 25.85%, and my BMI is 22. This amazing transformation took just short of 6 months, and I have been maintaining within just a few pounds ever since.

As a one of Sherene’s maintainers, I have been able to keep my weight off. I continue to meet with Sherene periodically to get weighed-in and keep myself honest. I am also participating in the monthly Maintainer meetings, trying all kinds of new foods, and have found “food peace” even in maintenance. The maintainer community is a huge benefit, because it’s a big food world out there, and sometimes extra counsel can keep you on track.