Evolve180 Ketogenic Diet Foods

Evolve180’s Fat Burn™ Keto Diet Foods

We have 45 delicious tastes and textures to choose from – and they are key to achieving our famous state of Food Peace™ (zero cravings)

We provide all the Ketogenic diet foods you will be eating during your weight loss phase (except a few fresh veggies and one self-sourced meal daily). This makes our food list very important for new clients who may not know why our ketogenic options are so remarkably different from other programs they might have tried in the past.

Here are 3 things that are so unique about E180 foods that you’ll want to sign up right now!


# 1: E180’s Ketogenic Diet Foods Promote Fat Burn™

All our snacks and meals are formulated to promote Fat Burn™ – meaning you burn more fat when you’re eating these foods during our protocol than you would by skipping meals or not eating at all!


# 2: Only E180 Foods Help to Reduce Cravings

The biggest challenge dieters face on any weight loss journey is cravings and hunger pangs. 

Dopamine (the feel-good hormone) is why cravings feel so compelling, are hard to stop thinking about, and almost impossible to resist. And it’s also why the anticipation of the treat – and maybe the first bite or two – feel better than actually indulging in a big helping of what you were craving.

Evolve180 foods are nutritionally balanced in such a way that the brain does not switch to the familiar craving mode. As a result, you are completely satiated between meals and feel no temptation to cheat whatsoever.

We call it Food Peace™, and it is one of the main reasons why clients on an Evolve180 protocol have such a high success rate.


# 3: E180 Foods `Mimic’ Your Familiar Tastes And Flavors

One of the most common complaints about Ketogenic diet foods is that they taste so bland and boring that it is impossible to stick with them over a period of weeks or months.

Not so with E180 foods. Our 45 tastes and textures have been scientifically curated to include all the top taste profiles in the food spectrum. So you will find at least 8-10 that match your personal preferences, and you will enjoy eating them. In fact, many of our non-vegetarian and Vegetarian Keto diet maintainers continue to come by for their favorite E180 snacks even though they no longer need them.