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The only breakthrough Ketogenic Fat Burn™ program that helps Vegetarians lose weight fast – and keep it off for life!

We Know. It’s Complicated.

If you have tried and failed to lose weight on a Vegetarian diet in the past, you are not alone. Vegetarians have the hardest time with weight loss because the proteins they typically eat DO NOT let the body burn fat — especially if they don’t eat fish or eggs.


    In order to protect muscle mass while losing weight, the body needs extra, `complete’ proteins with all 9 essential amino acids.

    But most plant-based proteins that vegetarians can eat (like nuts, seeds and whole grains) are `incomplete’ protein sources on their own.

    Many vegetarians and vegans are not aware of this, which is why they cannot create a meal plan that combines various plant proteins to ensure just the right nutritional balance to trigger weight loss.


    It is important for vegetarians to realize that plant-based proteins are not absorbed as easily by the body as animal protein.

    On a normal day, many vegetarians don’t absorb enough protein, even if they think they’re eating plenty of it. And during weight loss, when protein needs go up, vegetarians mistakenly cut back on ALL food (including their already insufficient protein), which sets their bodies up for muscle loss.


    Unlike animal protein, most plant-based proteins contain a lot of carbs.

    Now, cutting down on overt carbs (like wheat and corn) is fairly straightforward. But many vegetarians miss the ‘covert’ carbs contained in their go-to proteins (like lentils and nuts).

    Unless they can strike the right balance, these hidden carbs that they are unknowingly eating will stall weight loss and cause a lot of frustration.

  • THEY DON’T GET PROTEIN FROM MEAT SUBSTITUTES Many plant based “meat alternatives” are primarily designed as flavor and texture substitutes. They may give you a satisfying mouth feel that mimics real meat, but very little of the protein that the originals contain. (A Veggie Burger may have less than 1/8th the absorbable protein of a quarter pound hamburger!)

You Need A Solution. Not Substitutes.

By manipulating one of the most challenging building blocks in the biology of weight loss, our proven Fat Burn™ Method works the same way for everybody who wants to burn fat — including vegetarians and vegans!


    The human body is conditioned to protect its fat stores at all costs. It is an unfortunate legacy from the history of our evolution when food was scarce and fat was a life-saving resource during events like floods and famine.

    Our civilization may have come a long way since the Paleolithic hunter-gatherer days, but our ancient biology is still stuck in the past where it holds on to fat for dear life, and only burns it for fuel during `emergencies.’


    Carbohydrate is the body’s favorite fuel source. As long as it can derive some carbs at least from your diet, it will RESIST burning fat!

    Protein is its second favorite source. But there’s a fine balance in how protein should be consumed.

    Eat too little protein (or incomplete proteins) and your body will start cannibalizing its own muscles. Eat too much and it will convert the excess to carbs and stall out weight loss.

    Melting fat for energy is your body’s least favorite way to obtain “fuel”. The moment your body can get some carbs from your diet (or the raw materials to manufacture them) it will immediately reduce the amount of fat it burns to save this ‘precious’ resource.


    Evolve180’s specialty is predicting what your body is going to do, and then using bio-science to `trick’ it into burning fat.

    Our method creates a false ’emergency’ that triggers your body to utilize its fat stores. Over time, as you adjust your eating style and build new habits, your body will get better and better at burning fat.

    If you follow our roadmap, your body can become ‘fat adapted,’ meaning it can switch between burning carbs and fat on a daily basis – making it easier to keep the weight you lost off for the long term.

We Make Keto Work For Vegetarians

If you have felt ignored or abandoned by the weight loss industry in the past, or told to just “use substitutes” without much guidance, it is because a sustainable Vegetarian weight loss plan is impossible to create without extensive understanding of the bio-science of plant-based proteins.

We went that extra mile for our vegetarian clients, and created a robust Vegetarian Ketogenic diet that works as effectively as our other pioneering keto protocols to lose weight – and keep it off for life.

Our proven Fat Burn™ Method stops muscle loss (the biggest danger on a Vegetaian Keto diet) and overrides the body’s reluctance to burn fat.



We modify your plant based protein intoke, so you’re not eating high quantities of ‘hidden’ carbs that hove kept you stuck in a weight gain pattern for so long.



We only select plant based proteins that are highly absorbable while ensuring metabolic safety (unlike many substandard varieties in the market)



We give you snacks & meals that trigger Food Peace – a complete absence of cravings – by Day 4 on the protocol, while still staying in deep ketosis.



Sounds Great, Right?

Our Veg Protocol


  • One-On-One Expert Vegetarian Keto CoachingDon’t settle for generic instructions and “just substitute this-or-that” advice. You need precision and expertise when it comes to your metabolic health.
  • 100% Personalized Veg Diet Plan – Just For You!Let us analyze your body’s specific metabolic profile and set you up with a Vegetarian Keto plan that is a perfect fit for you. (One plan DEFINITELY does not fit all!) 
  • Vegetarian Fat Burn™ Snacks And Meals – IncludedYou’ll receive a generous supply of our delicious Vegetarian Fat Burn™ foods as part of your weight loss protocol. For our nationwide clients, we offer free shipping!
  • Craving-Free Food Peace™ Experience It’s our secret sauce – our ‘make or break’ difference!  Evolve180 is famous for the COMPLETE lack of hunger and cravings our clients experience after just a few days on any of our Fat Burn™ programs. This extraordinary Food Peace™ state is also built into the Vegetarian Keto Protocol.
  • Delicious, Fat-Busting Vegetarian Keto Recipes  Available only to Evolve180 clients (for both weight loss and maintenance phases), our test-kitchen chefs work overtime to create scrumptious options to help you stay satiated and on track!
  • The Industry’s BEST Maintenance Support For Life – Free Everyone knows that losing weight is hard, but maintaining that loss is harder.  We make it easy by sticking with you for the long run – offering support, resources and inspiration to stay at your goal weight for life!
  • In-Studio Or Remote – Do It From Anywhere! Visit our studio in person (Bellevue, WA) or work with us online from home, office or wherever. It doesn’t matter. It works just as well for everyone. Try it and see.

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Veg Keto [Done Right!] Changed Their Lives

J. Bradshaw

J. Bradshaw

“I discovered the secrets of weight loss for vegetarians from my coaches at Evolve180. Even after I reached my target weight, I found that I could monitor my egg-less, fish-less diet quite easily because I now knew what I used to do wrong before”



“A special shout-out to Martha who coached me through all my doubts and made me believe in myself. She wasn’t fazed by my diet restrictions and many allergies and customized a plan that actually worked for my metabolic profile!”



“I used to get sucked in by weight loss apps with quick online questionnaires. Wasted years trying these so-called `mind-body’ wellness diets until I found Evolve180 online where the coaches actually understood Keto for Vegetarians.”

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