Kim's Story

Hello, my name is Kim,

I’m a single mom with a 16 year old son with an appetite. I’ve tried all the diets and I love a good challenge, but the weight has always come back. Dr. Shepard knew of my medical concerns and she introduced me to Sherene and Ideal Protein. I was willing to give it a try.

I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic with high blood pressure and high cholesterol when I was 25. These health issues run in my family, so I figured I would just have them for the rest of my life.

But after 4 months on Ideal Protein, I’m 30 lbs. lighter and 23 inches smaller! The best part is my blood test history below. My doctor has taken me off my high blood pressure medication, I’m no longer a type 2 diabetic and they’re lowering my cholesterol medication for the first time. On Ideal Protein, I didn’t starve, the food tasted good and it was easy to do. My son likes the vanilla ready-made drinks for breakfast and has lost 15 lbs. because I changed our eating habits.

Life Changing!