Laura's Story

Pounds lost: 40.4 lbs.
Inches Lost: 43.25
Body Fat: from 37.61% to 29.63%
Time on Program: 5 months

The Ideal Protein program is the first weight loss program I’ve participated in (and I’ve participated in a lot of them) that actually feel confident that the weight loss will last. This program helps you think differently about food, and Sherene is amazing in how she supports you to understand your ow issues with food.

I have felt so great during the program. I have had digestive problems for a long time, and I found the products to be very soothing to my stomach. I could really tell my body was appreciating what I was eating!

Because the weight loss is relatively fast, it is very rewarding and because of that, I found myself very motivated to keep going. On other diets it felt like it was weeks of work to lose a pound or two.

Overall, I have found the Ideal Protein to be very effective – I tell everyone I know about it!