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Others in this industry don’t typically share pricing, but we do because we want you to have full visibility and trust in the process.

Be sure to check out our FAQs (below). Still have questions?  Reach out to us!


 $190/week – all inclusive

Includes everything you need to be successful:

  • Specialized “fat burn” foods replace all of your groceries except 1 serving of your own protein and a few fresh veggies each day.
  • Our easy to follow plan is customized to your needs and takes the guesswork out of what to eat.
  • Simple tools boost your confidence and keep you on track – day after day!
  • Expert coaches guide you every week with 1:1 support, accountability and direction.
  • We offer options for vegetarian, vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, whole foods and other alternative menus.
  • We train those who are interested to incorporate intermittent fasting for extra health, metabolic and fat burning benefits!
  • Our maintenance protocol and complimentary monthly maintenance check-ins are included – free for life!

Our program can be done in-person with social distancing, or “At Home” ANYWHERE in the U.S. via phone or video with free shipping or delivery of food and supplies.

*Women average 2 lbs of fat loss per week, and men average 3.5. Precision matters! If followed precisely, women can lose 3-4 lbs per week, and men 4-6.

Schedule a 1:1 consultation TODAY to receive a custom quote for YOUR journey.

Work for Google, Microsoft, Amazon or another large company?
Ask if you qualify for our Corporate discount!

Based on our own research and customer feedback, it appears
the programs you’ve heard about on the radio run from $250 – $360/week!

Frequently Asked Questions

Because there are no programs we’ve found that are truly comparable to ours – meaning they offer the full combination of a protocol that is easy to follow while it rebalances and improves your metabolism, the range of food options that we do, coaches who are experts at customizing a journey just for you, Food Peace, and free maintenance (that you can actually qualify for) for life — price comparisons are difficult. But here’s what we can tell you.

Evolve180 generally costs 25-50% less than other weight loss programs that provide most of your meals and are coached by humans (not apps or bots). 

And that point about maintenance is important.  With us, maintenance is included for free – for life – for everyone who loses weight with us! There are no impossible weight loss goals to hit. No gotchas and gimmicks. Just long-term accountability to help you keep the weight you lost off!

But it’s important to remember:  If you don’t lose the RIGHT weight the RIGHT way, maintenance will be nearly impossible no matter where you go.  You need to protect your vital muscle tissue and metabolic capacity using customized targets for protein, fat and carbohydrates tailored just for you.  Otherwise you’ll lose muscle (a common hazard of most diets).  Losing too much muscle = a lower metabolism = less food you can eat to maintain your loss.  We help you lose the right weight, the right way so maintaining your weight loss is easy.

Based on our own research and customer feedback,
it appears the programs you’ve heard about on the radio run from $250 – $360/week!

Yes, we do – mostly as a reward for telling your friends and family about us. Here are the most common:

  • Big Company Discounts – We offer special pricing for employees at Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Concur, Expedia, etc! Contact us for details, and to see if your company is included!
  • Join with a Partner/Friend – each person receives $100 off the program at the time they sign up!
  • Refer Friends and Family – both you and the person you refer receive special rewards!
  • Seasonal and Holiday Specials – we occasionally offer discounts or savings bundles for special occasions. Sign up for our Newsletter if you’d like to be notified when these are available!
  • For those who need to lose 80 lbs or more, signing up for our 80 lb+ 1-Year Journey will save them $2100 compared to regular pricing. Plus it offers many bonuses to support a longer journey. Find out more. Find Out More.

Yes – many of our clients use their FSAs and HSAs to pay for this service. It’s a good idea to check with your Plan Administrator to be sure weight loss services are covered, but most people find that we are. Learn more in our section entitled “Will Insurance Cover Your Program?”

*Real numbers based on real people!

Women lose anywhere between 1.5 – 4 lbs/ week; 2 is the average.

Men lose anywhere between 3 – 5 lbs / week; 3.5 is the average.

If they follow the protocol precisely, women easily achieve 3lbs and men 5lbs per week. If they don’t, weight loss will go more slowly.

Our are averages taken directly from the results of our clients at Evolve180. Besides compliance, other factors such as age, metabolic imbalance (Pre-Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes) or other health conditions can affect your predicted rate of weight loss. This is why we ask you to complete a Health Profile in order to give you an individualized quote during your Consultation. Come in and talk to us for a no-obligation, personalized estimate.

Yes! Our Baseline Protocol uses our special bio-available protein food supplements and they are provided with your purchase.

We offer a large variety of tastes, textures and options to suit your preferences. The foods are healthy and delicious, and represent the fastest, most muscle-protective, science-backed path to your goal.

However, some of our clients prefer not to use “packaged” protein. In that case, we teach them how achieve similar results using whole foods. Some clients start with Baseline and move to whole foods approaching maintenance. Others pick an option and stick with it the whole time. The choice is yours!

In either case, the cost to do the program is the same. After all, it’s our expertise, guidance, accountability, coaching and support you’re signing up for – not our protein supplements.

Food Peace is the secret sauce that makes our protocol so EASY to stick to! What if you could diet without feeling hungry? What if you just stopped caring much about food? What if you no longer had any cravings? These are things our clients experience every day on Evolve180! We’ve harnessed the power of biological science to make Evolve180 the easiest, least hungry, most peaceful weight loss experience you’ve ever had. You truly have to experience it to believe it. Once you know what it is and WHY it’s happening, you’ll have the ability to utilize the power of Food Peace for the rest of your life!

We’ll provide a highly accurate estimate for how long it will take to reach your goal and what your total journey will cost. Our quotes are based on your age, gender, starting weight and body fat percentages, and any impacts we anticipate based on any metabolic or medical factors we identify through our comprehensive health screening intake. If you join with a friend or partner, or qualify for one of our discounts (see below), we’ll factor that in, too.

We have a special experience for those who have a longer journey ahead of them. Visit our 1-Year Journey page to learn more!

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