FDA-Approved, Safe and Effective

Red Light Therapy


Red Light Therapy is a gentle and effective way to rejuvenate your skin. In a recent study, 91% of subjects reported improved skin tone following treatment. Why? Because it stimulates the production of new collagen at the cellular level — yielding plumper, tighter, more radiant skin! Plus, studies have shown a 71% reduction in cellulite size when Red Light Therapy is combined with massage.

It’s like a mini spa day, with results that last

Safe and Clinically Proven


Cutting-Edge Science

Clinical studies show that when a fat cell is exposed to a specific wavelength of red light, it releases 99% of its contents within just a few minutes. Called photobiostimulation, this process leaves the cell deflated — like an empty balloon!

Powerful Results

Additional clinical studies have shown that clients can experience significant inch loss through Red Light Therapy. Once the fat is released from the cell, it is eliminated by the lymphatic system — leaving you smaller and better toned in the treatment area.

Accelerate Your Progress

When you add Red Light Therapy to Evolve180’s fat loss plans, you’ll receive a measurable boost to your results. Plus, Evolve180’s Red Light device is the most innovative design available, delivering more light energy than any other system in its category.

What’s not to love?

No pain, no surgery, no discomfort

The treatment is totally non invasive. That means no surgery or downtime. Our system’s proprietary “heat-sink” technology draws the heat away from your skin, so you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your treatment.

Measurable results from the first treatment

Clients typically experience a reduction from 2 to 5 inches (measured across five areas), with some clients seeing an even greater change. The larger the client, the more measurable the results.

Results where you want them.

The light pads are large, soft and flexible. They can be safely used on virtually every part of your body: your neck, back, arms, chest, abdomen, buttocks, thighs — even your face!


What does Red Light Therapy feel like?

In a word: relaxing.

You’ll lie on a luxurious padded table with red light pads draped over the treatment area.

You’ll just feel a slight warming sensation.

You can read, use your phone, or even take a short nap.

What results can I expect?

The recommended treatment protocol involves 10-12 treatments.

You’ll see noticeable improvement to the look and feel of problem areas within just 1–3 treatments!

How long will my results last?
Results vary from person to person based on whether they are committed to an effective weight-loss or maintenance program.


Because Red Light Therapy empties fat cells but does not destroy them. Without proper nutrition, they can fill up again.

Combined with the Evolve 180 Weight Loss protocol or maintenance plan, results can be long term.

Client Transformations

“I received 12 treatments with the infrared light over the course of about 6 weeks. Not only did I lose inches to the point where my clothes were loose, the best thing was how it improved my cellulite. I can wear a bathing suit again without feeling self conscious about my legs!” – Melanie D.

“I used the infrared light 3 times a week for a month. The first week, I noticed my clothing was getting loose. After my final visit, I was down 18 inches. I needed new clothing because all my clothes were sagging. I would recommend it to anyone desiring a change in their shape and willing to follow the protocols. It’s been well worth it!” – Chris M.
“The Red Light system is amazing. Within the first two treatments, I could notice that my skin was becoming more firm and smooth. The light helped me lose inches and also tighten my skin, making me look much younger!” – Catherine G.