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We’ve all been down the road of short-term results…
the weight loss merry-go-round…ugh! Searching for Weight loss clinics, centers, and weight loss programs.

Discover why Evolve180 is the highest-rated  Sammamish weight loss program

Weight loss in Sammamish, WA
Your best and last weight loss plan — ever

When we first started our weight loss programs and center in Bellevue & Seattle, we only offered the Ideal Protein weight loss method. Why? It had worked for us, and it was great in the beginning.

But we learned some important lessons along the way.

Like, all bodies are different and have specialized metabolic needs.
And, all people are different and need personalized, customized options.

So, we evolved.

We now offer customized weight loss solutions that are individually tailored to your metabolic type — so that you can take the weight off effectively and sustainably.

It works wherever you go:

  • At the airport
  • Out to dinner
  • During the holidays
  • Family mealtime
We can dial it up for special needs, or dial it down to make it super simple.
That’s what makes Evolve180 the best weight loss option in Sammamish.

It all begins with a complimentary visit

We want to get to know you.

What have you tried before?

What has and hasn’t worked?

Come meet with one of our nutritionists at our beautiful studio.

We’ll conduct a thorough health assessment, body composition analysis, and discuss your goals. Once we understand more about you, we’ll provide complimentary, customized advice about the best way for you to reach your goal and stay there. For life.

Let’s talk weight loss results, Sammamish!

Evolve180™ weight loss plans are designed to kick your body into metabolic high gear.

Women average between 2–4 lbs of fat loss per week
Men average between 3–5 lbs of fat loss per week

In just one month, you could be down 10… 20… or, if you’re a man, even 40 lbs!

Then, once you’ve hit your goal, the real magic starts. We combine cutting-edge mindset support with the best maintenance program in the industry to give you all the tools you need to succeed for the long term.

These results are typical in our Sammamish Weight Loss Program every day!

But don’t just take our word for it.

Our Sammamish, WA weight loss clients are raving about their success with Evolve180 — we’ve been ranked as the best weight loss in Bellevue & Seattle by Yelp and Google!

  • Read our reviews to hear about Rachael, who lost more than 40 pounds and now looks in the mirror with a sense of pride and gratitude!
  • Meet Kim, who lost more than 30 pounds, 23 inches, and overcame Type 2 Diabetes!
  • Celebrate with Jim, who lost 55 pounds, 34 inches, and dropped 11 percentage points of body fat!

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