Sherene's Original Weight Loss Story

I had been over weight since I was 10 years old, and obesity and Type II Diabetes run rampant in my family. Over the years, I’d tried many, many diets and exercise programs in my search for a solution to this painful and embarrassing problem.

I even managed to lose almost 100 lbs on another program. It was very difficult, and I struggled with constant cravings, low energy, feeling weak and cold all the time, and a lot of aches and pains. I got close to my goal by white-knuckling it, but then I slipped up, lost my momentum, and I gained it all back plus more. That was the story of my life. My metabolism was ravaged from yo-yoing. At my highest, I weighed 308 lbs and I had become pre-diabetic with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides (Syndrome X, or Metabolic Syndrome), while my body (knees, back, neck, shoulder joints) hurt all the time.

“At my highest, I weighed 308 lbs and I had become pre-diabetic with high blood pressure…Thankfully, just in time, I stumbled across Ideal Protein. ”

After a visit to the cardiologist in 2011 (I was only 44), precipitated by high BP spikes and dizziness, I had been considering weight loss surgery. Thankfully, just in time, I stumbled across Ideal Protein. I had never heard of it before, but all the research I’d done told me the science behind the program was sound. I was skeptical of pre-packaged programs and one’s ability to sustain weight loss afterward. But I didn’t yet understand how different Ideal Protein was. Thankfully, I was desperate enough to give it a try! It has saved my life.

On IP Phase 1, my weight loss averaged 10-11 pounds per month. During the weight loss phase I never felt better, healthier or had less pain in my adult life.
The challenges came when I began maintenance. First, Ideal Protein’s 2013 Phase 4 recommendations included too many carbs for me and I began struggling with cravings and addictive behaviors with food again. I battled this for about six months and gained back some of the weight I’d lost. In a panic, I sought help from Overeaters Anonymous ( which helped with my addictive behaviors, but I (and by then, the people I was coaching) needed a better way to maintain.
We began tracking what was working for the most successful maintainers among us. Using their menus, we formulated a plan that resembled Paleo or Primal, but with fewer carbs, and specific methods for incorporating them. Suddenly, we were all keeping our weight within 1-2 lbs very easily! After stabilizing for awhile, I restarted Phase 1 in late 2015 to get back down to my goal weight.


Weight Loss: Over 100 lbs from my highest weight!
Blood Pressure dropped from 160/112 into healthy range – 118/77.
Cholesterol ratio improved, and triglycerides dropped from 145 to 67.
Blood sugar is no longer pre-diabetic. A1C is in the low 5s.
Drastic reduction in chronic carbohydrate cravings, and greatly reduced appetite.
Resolution of nearly all of the symptoms of PCOS. Normal menstrual cycle and no more hair loss.
Complete resolution of chronic pain (knees, shoulders, back, neck).
Complete resolution of chronic reflux.
No longer need a CPAP machine for sleep apnea.
Less sinus & congestion issues.
Even moods & lots of energy.