We are so proud to showcase the hard work and success of our clients! Diane Marx worked with us in-person to lose weight in Bellevue, Wa.

Diane Marx, March 2021


diane marx evolve180 weight lossIt was December of 2019, and I had had enough.  I was almost 160 lbs on a 5’2″ body that had once been 120 lbs.  My husband suggested that I have a meeting with Evolve 180, because he had heard really great things about the program.  I had tried a million different diets, and I figured it was worth a shot, but I didn’t get my hopes up too high.  I was famous for starting a program and quitting after a short while.  I figured that losing 40 lbs probably wasn’t realistic, but anything would be better than where I was going.

Paying for the program was initially a big motivator to stay on track, but it was really the food and the people that made the biggest difference.  I loved that there was a wide variety of food to choose from within the program, and a clear list of foods to work with on my own.  The food that they provided was also surprisingly delicious and satisfying even though it appeared to be small.  It made me realize how much I had been overeating most of my life.  I was surprised to find most days I wasn’t very hungry! Some days I didn’t even eat the full number of servings that they provided!

The weekly weigh-in and meeting with the team was also incredibly motivating and a huge part of my success.  I didn’t necessarily follow every part of the program perfectly, but the team was able to talk me through how to make it all work best for my body.  Getting on that fancy scale and seeing any amount of weight loss was the highlight of my week!

I completed 12 weeks of the program, then continued to follow their maintenance guidelines, come in for monthly weigh-ins, and supplement with some of their foods (because it was just so easy!).  Eventually it just became a way of life that I loved… not a diet that I felt forced to be on. And I noticed my weight continued to drift downward a little bit at a time if I was careful.

I make healthy choices that I feel great about, and eat foods that I love without feeling deprived from the junk I used to eat.  I’m happy to report that at my last monthly weigh-in as of May of 2021, I finally lost the 40 lbs and I’m back to the 120 lb body that I’ve been wishing for all this time!

Evolve 180 gave me a new healthy lifestyle that I can continue for years to come and I am forever grateful!  Thank you to the entire Evolve180 team!

Thank you!!


Bonus note:  

My husband was inspired by my success, so he started eating healthy foods along with me.  As of March, 2021, he also dropped 50 lbs!  I thank Evolve for this as well!.


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