12 Things No One Told Us About the Keto Diet

Nobody told us about these surprising effects of the keto diet

— now we’re spreading the word!

#1   You will have more energy

Ketogenic dieters overwhelmingly report improved mental clarity and more stable energy levels after 4–5 days on the plan. This is due to the rise in ketones (which are a “zippy” source of energy) and more stable blood sugar levels.

#2   Your bowel movements will change

Keto dieters are especially prone to constipation (due to mineral balance and hydration changes) and sometimes diarrhea (due to gut changes related to suddenly eating more fiber-rich vegetables).

But don’t worry! For most dieters, these are temporary side effects that go away with time and proper supplementation.

#3   The scale may not move every week

As your body eliminates stored fat, there are some weeks where you will lose inches — but not pounds. This is why we look at a variety of measurements, such as body fat percentage and muscle mass, to get the whole picture.

#4   Food you used to love will seem like “too much”

Those doughnuts and deep-dish pizzas you used to crave will now feel intolerable. This is because keto changes your brain’s response to food — and the sensitivity of your taste buds.

You’ll notice that foods which used to seem bland (like a green pepper or cauliflower floret) will start to seem much sweeter and tastier…but a bite of something sweet will leave you wondering how you used to tolerate such rich food.

#5   Consuming carbs can start to consume YOU

A lot of people on keto become so focused on counting carbs that it takes over their every thought. If you aren’t careful, you’ll find yourself obsessing about how to get as many carbs in as possible. As you push limits, your progress can start to slow down.

It’s important to plan your meals and snacks so daily carbohydrate limits don’t take over your life. A moderate approach is much better.

#6   You will start to love healthy foods

One word: cauliflower.

#7   Intermittent fasting or skipping meals become easy
— but you have to do it RIGHT!

Intermittent fasting causes insulin levels to drop significantly, accelerating your body’s fat-burning mechanism. While this method is not for everyone, it is an option while on the Evolve180 program.

But it’s easy to fast incorrectly — and actually slow down your metabolism! Don’t do it without expert guidance and instruction.

#8   Eating more veggies may cause digestive issues

If you were previously averse to vegetables, the drastic increase of fiber on the keto diet can cause a host of digestive issues, like bloating, constipation, and bowel irritation.

The solution isn’t to give up vegetables — it’s to alter the way you eat them and which ones you choose.

#9   Most people can’t eat that much fat…

Some stereotypes of the keto diet include people eating lots of red meat, bacon, cream, and cheese — all high-fat foods. In reality, this is not the path to successful weight loss. Too much fat for your particular body will stall your progress.

Eating healthy fats such as avocados and extra virgin olive oil in limited quantities will give your body all the fat it needs to function efficiently.

#10   You may sleep less, but you’ll sleep better!

After about a week on the keto diet, your body may be able to speed through the early stages of sleep and head right into the deeper ZZZs. This means a better night’s rest. You may also find that your higher energy levels leave you feeling more refreshed with less sleep.

#11   Chronic aches and pains can suddenly disappear

A keto diet, if it’s done correctly, is anti-inflammatory. Many people who thought their arthritic knees, achy back, and swollen joints were here to stay have been shocked when they disappear after being on a keto plan for just a few weeks.

It’s not just due to weight loss, though shedding weight certainly helps. It’s actually because the body rebalances its chemistry, yielding a lower state of inflammation. Keto can feel like being on powerful NSAIDs — without any of the risks and side effects.

#12   You might need to make some new, healthier friends

The keto lifestyle can yield a long, healthy, slim, and pain-free life. But sometimes it comes at a cost. When you don’t participate the same way in your social group’s drinking and eating, they might pressure you to give it up. We hate to say it, but sometimes we have to choose between a healthy future and the friends who want the status quo. But don’t worry — there are lots of wonderful new people who will be happy to walk beside you on your healthy journey. Consider a weight loss organization that offers social opportunities to make new, healthy friends.

You’ll be better off in the long run.

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