Hey Everyone –

So many of you knew us several years ago when we were Ideal Northwest – and our main weight loss protocol was Ideal Protein.

Right now when so many of us have life-stress piling onto our waistline and hips, it’s tempting to reach backward for something that worked. I’m guessing that’s why a bunch of you have called asking if we’re still doing Ideal Protein?   

In case you missed it – we reinvented ourselves in 2018 so we could keep up with contemporary weight loss science and technology! Ideal Protein’s science was over 30 years old and they refused all our requests to update and adapt!  So we EVOLVED into Evolve180 Weight Loss!


Evolve180 is So Far Beyond!

  • Our great new food line has so many options!
  • The plan has been massively updated compared to IP’s 30-year-old science!
  • It includes a much healthier quantity of “good fats” ? ???
  • It’s flexible – with options for whole foods and even limited fruit and alcohol!
  • Better protein targets based on muscle mass of each person!
  • Better support for exercise!
  • Optional training on Intermittent Fasting ? – for supercharged results!
  • Evolve180 pushes the boundaries for greater freedom and more sustainable success!

All the great things you remember!

  • We’re still here and you’re still family!
  • We still offer weekly accountability coaching (virtual or in person with social distancing) with Sherene’s new team:  TaylorTracey & Tara
  • Every one of us has succeeded with this protocol and can help you do the same!
  • We are still small, personal and responsive to YOU! 
  • We still insist that everything we do is based on cutting edge science!


If you’d like to chat about our new program,
and how we may be able to help you
turn back the clock
 on your weight and your health,
book TODAY for a quick consultation with Tracey to find out more!