Tony's Story

Pounds Lost: 54 lbs
Inches Lost: 44.5 total
Body Fat: from 29.97% to 26.35% (down 3.62%!)
Time on Program: 21 Weeks

I’ve battled overweight nearly my entire adult life, from when I was 28 to last year when I was 55. I always thought I could simply exercise the weight off, and for a while that did work, but with the price of much free time. Though I was 175 when we were married in 1981, by 2002 I ballooned to 260. I tried WW in 2003, losing over 50 pounds, but later that year through depression, meds, lax eating habits and ceasing my walking program, I gained it all back.

I began to buy larger and larger sizes, ended up in a sleep study and was diagnosed with extreme sleep apnea and started using CPAP. I began to think of being overweight, having high blood pressure and high blood sugar as normal, but every time I looked in a mirror, I saw an stranger staring back at me, a caricature of my true self.

This past year I experienced two major life-events: my wife of over 30 years succumbed to cancer and my daughter got married. For the first time in over 30 years I could call the shots on what I ate and when, but I still made poor choices, even when I thought I was eating “healthy” food! What finally pushed me over the edge were three things: First, I saw pictures of me with my daughter from her wedding and saw someone I didn’t recognize (me!). Second, I saw a picture of our bass group from choir and was embarrassed at my weight. Third, a friend said he’d lost a significant amount of weight in his first two weeks on a diet called Ideal Protein. He said it was easy. That did it. I was sick and tired of being fat. I was desperate, I told him I’d try it.

I made the decision to invest some of my savings in ME, to finally deal with the one health issue that was slowly but surely killing me. My friend recommended I go see Sherene, and I’m so glad I did! She put me totally at ease and was able to explain the IP Protocol in a way that made total sense, but the kicker was that she was walking her talk: she’d already lost a tremendous amount of weight herself on the program. I made an appointment for an initial weigh-in and my life hasn’t been the same. I lost nearly 12 pounds my first week and week after week the pounds and inches came off. Looking in the mirror was great, but people began to NOTICE! The change wasn’t wishful thinking; it was REAL. Ideal Protein carried me right through the Holidays and beyond. Sherene and I set a goal to match my next birthday: 56 pounds. I made 55 pounds in 12 weeks and declared VICTORY!

I went from a size 40 pant, an XXL shirt and a size 50 coat down to a size 34 pant, L shirt and a size 44 coat. I “burned my ships” and gave away all of my overweight clothes, so I wouldn’t be tempted to use them again. Buying smaller sizes felt GOOD! But that’s not the best part…

My company recently sponsored an on-site biometric health scan clinic. The results showed that my blood sugar went down from 105 to 77, BP down from 145/90 to 125/80, Total cholesterol from 225 to 164. Metabolic syndrome was GONE! My percentage of body fat has gone from 33% to 20%. I sleep better, feel better and have far more energy, and I now know that I no longer have devote huge blocks of time to walking or exercising to lose the weight. I can control what I eat. Food doesn’t have to control me. I’ve been so gratified by the comments I’ve gotten, the people who wonder what I’ve done or who didn’t even RECOGNIZE ME, wondering, “What’s different?”. It’s been fun to turn others onto Ideal Protein and to hear that they too are having good results. My only regret is that I didn’t hear about it sooner.

What are you waiting for?