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Losing weight doesn’t have to be a struggle!

Losing unwanted pounds can be challenging when you don’t know where to start. And unfortunately, most weight loss programs are doomed to fail from the beginning, because they aren’t designed for sustainable, long-term weight loss. 

By getting personalized advice from a skilled weight loss coach at Evolve180, you get the guidance you need to lose weight quickly and tackle your biggest long-term weight loss goals – following a weight loss program that WORKS.

Why it’s VITAL to choose the right weight loss program

Weight gain does more than hurt our self-confidence. It hurts our health

When you follow an eating program that promotes good nutrition and weight loss, you feel more energetic, you experience improved mental health, and you help to ward off a host of medical issues stemming from excess weight gain, such as joint problems, diabetes and heart-related issues. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “People who lose weight gradually and steadily (about 1 to 2 pounds per week) are more successful at keeping weight off. Healthy weight loss isn’t just about a “diet” or “program.” It’s about an ongoing lifestyle that includes long-term changes in daily eating and exercise habits.”

Evolve180 is a proven weight loss system that works for people who want to change their eating habits and improve their health. Not simply a “diet,” it is a lifestyle choice to live better, longer and happier.

Our caring weight loss coaches can help you!

Evolve180 isn’t just a weight loss program. It’s a scientifically proven eating plan that’s different! Why? Because Evolve180 believes in a personalized coaching approach that is all about the sharing and caring that is delivered by our Ideal Protein network of nutrition experts.

  • Yes – eating the right ketogenic diet foods is a large part of our weight loss coaching program, but instead of a calorie-conscience approach, our coaches promote a lifestyle approach that includes 45 tastes and textures – foods that are ketogenic in nature, and drastically reduce cravings for those foods we love to eat the most.
  • Lose weight on YOUR terms. No matter what your food preferences are, you will find at least 8 to 10 flavor profiles in the Evolve180 program that will help you burn fat, increase lean muscle and maintain a healthy weight for a better life.
  • You really have to taste the Evolve180 protein foods to believe it! Our program starts by assessing your unique flavor profile of the foods you enjoy, selected from 45 tastes and textures! This is key to targeting the foods you crave and love to eat.

Personalized to your weight loss goals

Next, you select from 7 different eating lifestyle programs like our Flagship Protocol weight loss program where you eat a mix of fresh whole foods, combined with high bio-available protein supplements, to achieve optimal ‘fat-burn’.

Our goal with all our programs is for you to achieve food peace. This is a physical and mental state where you actually achieve a low appetite. The result is fewer food cravings and an easier weight loss experience.

Meet with your coach online or in-person 

After choosing the program that’s right for you or your loved one, we pair you with an experienced and helpful weight loss coach that is available for support and guidance throughout your journey. Meet with your coach virtually via our online weight loss protocols or in-person at our Bellevue / Seattle-area weight loss clinic every week to review your food journal, help celebrate your weekly weigh-in and get continued guidance and motivation on your weight loss journey.

Understanding Ketogenic principles

A ketogenic (or KETO) program typically involves eating full-fat and low carb meals with a moderate amount of protein. This includes numerous foods that most people truly enjoy eating, such as meats and eggs, plant-based fats like coconut oil and avocados, some dairy products such as cheese and butter, along with other delicious foods like dark chocolate and nuts.

The basic principle in a keto-based diet is that this pattern of eating low-carb foods will activate the ketone molecules that flow through your blood. The best part is that a ketogenic eating and weight loss program doesn’t have to be complicated!

The types of foods that most ketogenic programs tend to avoid include starchy vegetables like potatoes, refined sugars and non-plant-based sweeteners, carb-rich foods like beans and store-bought breads, along with refined grains like white rice, crackers and many pastries.

But here’s where other Keto diets go wrong …

Most other Keto diets are not effective for losing weight in the long term!

After analyzing numerous other so-called “Keto” weight loss systems, what we’ve learned is that the fine balance of foods that is required for losing weight is often ignored. This creates the wrong mindset that by simply not eating carbs, you can eat as much fat and protein as you want and still succeed. But it doesn’t work that way.

Evolve180 does Keto the RIGHT way by providing easy-to-follow protocols, built around our specialized E180 Fat Burn™ method and Fat Burn™ foods, to both reduce appetite and shift your body into true ketosis in as little as 3 days. Our protocols provide optimal balance, freedom from hunger and accelerated fat burning – all the way to your goal!

Discover Evolve180’s weight loss programs

This is really the fun part – choosing an Evolve180 eating plan that fits your flavor profile and your health profile. 

The Evolve180 platform includes a health profile questionnaire that examines some of your goals and challenges. Questions we ask are meant to help you and your coach keep your health goals front and center as you lose weight.

Whether your goal is losing weight as quickly as possible or achieving your biggest long-term vision, our weight loss protocols can help.

Here are just TWO of Evolve180’s many weight loss protocols, designed to meet your chosen taste and flavor profile:

E180 Mediterranean Protocol

E180 Flagship Protocol

People all over the world have taken to the Mediterranean diet profile for its health benefits and delicious food choices. When you select the Evolve180 Mediterranean Diet Plan, you enjoy a host of nutrient-dense foods like Lamb-Stuffed Peppers, Cauliflower Hummus, a carefully curated list of red wines and plenty of healthy snacks like Whipped Feta Stuffed Celery Sticks with Kalamata Olives and Red Pepper Slices. This precisely crafted ketogenic diet program is a fat-burning weight loss protocol that includes all the delicious keto foods that fit your flavor and taste profile. You will enjoy a weekly selection of protein-packed foods like protein bars, protein shakes, protein breads and more protein-based foods. Then, toss in some satiating veggies and food snacks like cheese, nuts, avocados and cream to keep you feeling fuller – longer.


Experience the Evolve180 difference!

This is key! Evolve180 is different from other keto-based diet plans that often provide too little protein, resulting in a loss in lean muscle. These programs are not the way to lose pounds, especially if you’re aiming for a slimmer, firmer physique. 

Our plan keeps you in a fat-burning state longer, so that excess protein does not convert to carbs.

Also, you don’t want to eat too little fats. These types of ketogenic plans that are light on healthy fats can negatively affect your immune system and heart health. Our plans are scientifically formulated to help you stay in metabolic balance when you add back carbs and switch back to 100% whole foods. And with our lifetime maintenance support, you’ll never fight weight gain alone again.

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